Welcome to the European Wine Academy (EWA), an international wine education and training institution renowned for its pioneering work in online wine education since 2004. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive wine courses and training accessible to wine enthusiasts and budding professionals worldwide.


Our Courses:

At EWA, we offer two distinct formats for our courses:

  1. Standard E-Learning (Online) Method:
  • We approach wine education and knowledge distribution via e-learning by delivering course content through online text lectures in PDF format. We believe that an important way of distinguishing our courses from others is by their high standards. And to ensure such a high quality we have designed our courses to give you a good mix of academic and practical knowledge.

    Each lecture is normally based on an internationally respected text book (often more than one) on the relevant topic, combined with input from our own tutors, and furthermore kept up-to- date by including relevant articles or sections from wine magazines, articles we believe contribute to a better understanding of the topic and which will give the student an up-to-date overview of that topic. As at 2024 our library has the following number of leading text books which we use: General Wine Knowledge & Wine Tasting (25 books); Sommeliership & Hospitality: (5 books); Viticulture (14 books), Wine Production & Oenology (28 books) and Wine Marketing & Business (13 books).

    These lectures are enriched with assignments, engaging videos, informative PowerPoints, and an immersive wine tasting section with various components.

  • These courses cater to individuals seeking to enrich their wine knowledge and refine their wine-related skills. Many of our students pursue these courses for career advancement, while others simply indulge in their passion for wine. Our course offerings span a wide spectrum, encompassing general wine knowledge, sommeliership, hospitality management, wine marketing, business, viticulture, and wine production. These modules may also be combined with wine business and marketing segments.

    Please note that detailed descriptions of course topics are available upon specific request from genuinely interested individuals.Our courses are designed by experienced wine professionals who know which specific topics are required for that course.

  1. Live and Interactive EWA Wine Webinars Classes (Coming in 2024):
  • Our upcoming webinars mark a significant leap forward in e-learning technology and innovation.

  • These live, interactive sessions are conducted via Zoom, facilitating direct, real-time interactions with your dedicated tutor. This interactive component adds an extra layer of depth to the learning experience, a crucial aspect when it comes to wine tasting and evaluation.

  • What truly sets our webinars apart is the inclusion of guided wine tastings, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. This addition distinguishes our wine webinars from other online courses, which often consist solely of video clips.

Our Course Variety:
EWA’s comprehensive wine education courses span a wide range of topics, accommodating various levels of expertise and interests:

  • Essentials of Wine
  • Wine Tasting
  • Wine Regions
  • Sommeliership & Restaurant Management
  • Wine Tourism
  • Wine Marketing & Business
  • Viticulture
  • Oenology and Wine Production

These courses are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our global student base. We understand that individuals come to us with varying levels of prior knowledge and distinct career aspirations, and our course offerings reflect this diversity.

Please note that detailed descriptions of course topics are available upon specific request from genuinely interested individuals. Our courses are designed by experienced wine professionals who know which specific topics are required for that course.

Mission & History:
EWA’s inception can be traced back to the early 2000s when DD Koch, our founder, initiated standard wine education programs in Europe and the UK. In late 2004, EWA formalized its commitment to wine education by introducing blended and e-learning courses to students at the Commonwealth Academy and Blake Hall College in London.

Today, EWA is firmly established as an international wine school with deep roots in European wine traditions. Our mission is to offer high-quality wine education and training that empowers students and opens doors to exciting career opportunities in the wine industry.


Accreditation & Commitment to Excellence:

EWA actively supports the EU’s Principles on E-Learning, and we are committed to maintaining a high academic and professional standard. To this end, we have cultivated associations with esteemed educational institutions and organizations, ensuring that our courses adhere to strict quality standards.

Why Choose EWA?
Here’s what sets EWA apart from the competition:

  • Academic Rigor: Our courses provide in-depth, academically sound content, arming students with the knowledge and skills required for thriving careers in the wine industry.

  • Interactive Webinars: Live and interactive webinars grant you direct access to seasoned tutors, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

  • Wine Tasting Training: Our courses encompass guided wine tastings and a comprehensive Tasting Guide, enabling you to master the art of wine evaluation and appreciation.

  • Flexibility: Our e-learning platform ensures you can access course materials and assignments 24/7, allowing you to tailor your learning to your schedule.

  • Objective Education: At EWA, we remain independent and free from corporate affiliations. This independence allows us to provide unbiased, high-quality wine education that serves your best interests.

    In conclusion, if you are enthusiastic about pursuing a serious career in wine, seeking to deepen your wine knowledge, or simply passionate about wine, EWA offers a diverse array of courses to meet your needs. Join us on this exhilarating journey of wine exploration and education, where we blend tradition with technology to bring wine education to your doorstep.