European Wine Academy

Discovery! On your discovery path you will learn how the wine in your glass started life as a tiny grape flower in some sunny vineyard, was picked at the right time and, in the wine cellar, after months of care and attention by a wine maker, came alive with subtle aromas and tastes. How everything just came together to create it: the terroir, the vineyard and its soils, the work of the viticulturist and the magic happening in the cellar, creating a thing of joy and, often, wonder. 

This is what we want you to experience. And we have been doing that for 22 years. Now we are broadening our range of wine courses by also using webinars, online courses and classroom (f2f) courses to take you on that trip of discovery. 

The European Wine Academy has been an international wine education institution for more than 22 years, its name a reference to its European wine roots. We attract studentsfrom around the world by offering an array of courses in English, accessible through three learning formats: f2f courses, webinars, and e-learning which, until now, had been our main teaching method. We will also start arranging Wine Tours again (we have organized some that were very successful) to Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Portugal, Rioja and the other northerly wine regions of Spain, as well as some German wine regions. These are a lot of fun but the aim is to learn about viticulture and wine production, the local wine culture and regional wines and dishes too of course. We cater to both novices and would-be wine experts.

So, no matter which course you are interested in we can deliver it at various academic levels (even if you have no knowledge of wine whatsoever- most of our courses start off with a twenty-lecture module covering all the essentials of wine) to suit your learning goals to learn about topics such as:

  • Essentials of Wine
  • Wine Tasting and Evaluation
  • The Major Wine Regions
  • Sommeliership & Restaurant Management
  • Wine Tourism
  • Wine Marketing & Business Management
  • Viticulture
  • Wine Making (Oenology)
  • Wine Making and Business & Marketing


Why Choose EWA?

Unlike 22 years ago there are lots of choices nowadays but honestly, all those wine schools, from Beijing to California, they are all really offering you the same courses, from WSET. Now, I am a fan of WSET, I hold the WSETDiploma myself, its standards are good, but they do not offer those extras: a serious, non-university, education in viticulture and winemaking, or in wine marketing and business management. (go and Google it, or ask AI to check).

In wine education the expression ‘horses for courses’ is important. Choose the course provider that will best fulfil your specific needs. Here is what sets EWA apart from the others:

  • Academic Rigour:
    With our courses you get to actually learn something about wine! Our courses are not so much for pure entertainment, but to provide in-depth, academically sound content, arming you with the knowledge and skills required for thriving careers in the wine industry, or to improve your wine knowledge and expertise. We decided 21 years ago that our courses should be of a higher academic standard than most of the others and this makes you more knowledgeable for yourself or more employable in the wine industry.
  • Wine Tasting Training:
    It is impossible to become any type of wine professional if you do not know how to taste and evaluate wine properly! This is why our courses all include a 6 lecture Wine Tasting module if students do not yet have that knowledge and experience. Plus, all our courses always require students to do, at their own pace, a series of wine tasting exercises using our comprehensive Tasting Guides, (also for Sparkling wines and Spirits) enabling you to master the art of wine evaluation and appreciation.
  • Flexibility:
    Our e-learning platform ensures you can access course materials and assignments 24/7, allowing you to tailor your learning to your schedule.
  • EWA is a small school:
    The fact that we normally have less than 80 students at one time means there is more time for research, for updating courses, and for you.
  • Career-Driven Courses:
    Prepare for exciting opportunities in the wine industry.
  • Objective Education:
    At EWA, we remain independent and free from corporate affiliations. We do not sell wine. For more than twenty one years we have focused solely on wine education and training, and never with any sponsorship or advertising. This independence allows us to provide unbiased, high-quality wine education that serves your best interests.
  • Assessment Methods
    Our commitment to a proper academic standard includes requiring students to complete assignments and do final tests, ensuring a thorough understanding of the course material, and demonstrating the value of our courses to students and employers alike.

  • Wine Tours
    We hope, later this year or next spring, to reinstate the fun and informative tours we did for our students in the first years, trips to wineries and estates in Portugal, Northern Spain, Champagne, Burgundy, Baden and the Mosel in Germany.
  • Wine Blending Workshops
    These are not only a lot of fun but in our blending workshop you will learn to blend a number of wines. As an extra bonus you will be able to research and learn about wine blending on our eLearning platform in advance of the workshop. You will also learn how to design your own wine label. In the beginning of the workshop, you will be given a foundation in the various wine varietals, their characteristics (aromas, flavours, tannins, acidity), and how blending influences the final wine.

    The instructor will guide you through the tasting and evaluation of the wines that you will be using to make your own unique blend. Using blending beakers and other tools, and the tips and suggestions of the instructor, you will try various combinations until you are satisfied with the new wine you have created.

    And if you are proud of your own creation, you can bottle it, place your own label on it, and our instructor will sign your label authenticating it. And you may take it home.

    If you are interested in either the wine tours (give us your first choice of a wine region you would like to visit) or the blending workshops, send us a message with your details.