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Payment Scheme

Some of our students live in regions that are economically struggling, and as we strive to educate and train potential wine professionals so that they can enter a different industry, or follow their dream, we have decided to institute a special Payment Scheme, to assist them. So, if any student is not able to pay the full sum of the course fee, registration costs and exam costs (‘the total costs’) at registration we can arrange a separate payment schedule, provided the student can reasonably convince us that he/she is indeed unable to pay the full sum when he/she registers. All you have to do is ask us for details on how the scheme works.

Explanatory Note  Credit Card Payments:

You can pay with your credit card.
Available to students who have difficulties to arrange for a bank transfer (but we prefer you use the above Swift method; the normal way students usually pay our fees).

You must click on ‘Credit or Debit Card Payments’ on the website, then select the course you wish to register for. The amount shown is not the normal amount shown in our Course Fees list below, but a total of the actual course fee, plus the registration costs (currently €85) and the module exam fees (currently €35 per module).

It does NOT include the costs of the wine Sommelier (and the shipping costs involved). If you decide to order this item, we can create a separate item in the “Credit and Debit Card Payments” section where you can purchase the two, together with the shipping costs.

Wise (https://wise.com/)

We normally do not use payment agencies, but some students have recently been using this particular company for their payment and we have found the system to work well and trouble-free.



  • The course fee covers all the costs of the course, except for extra items such as field trips etc. (see the specific course description on the website for more clarity on this)

  • There is a separate registration cost of €85

  • Module exam fees: €35 per module.
  • Swift Payments (Bank Transfers)


    • Instruct your bank to pay the course fee, course registration costs of €85 and all module exam fees (@€35 per module), into our bank: IBAN: DK03 6820 0001 9356 96 and BIC (Swift): SYBKDK22, (mentioning your name and the course name).

      Note: If you pay in your own currency, (Euro, USD or GBP etc) please remember to add on the currency conversion fee of 1% (on the total amount you are paying).
      This 1% can be avoided if you pay in DKK, then simply pay the displayed course fee etc. plus any bank charges.

    • All quoted fees include only such items or actions as are set out in each Course’s description on this website.

    • The fees quoted for the Long and Professional courses refer only to e-learning courses and do not include any practicums or workshops unless so specified as such in the Course Description. Should such a course be offered face-to-face the course fee will be made available at that time. This is due to the fact that such f2f costs can differ, depending on locations etc.



Course fees:

(full descriptions of each course can be found under “Courses”)

General courses: (No prior wine knowledge required)

Basic courses:

  • Introduction to Wine 10 lectures) €225
  • Essentials of Wine (20 lectures) €450
  • Foundations of Wine CertificateF2F (a blended learning course, with a f2f module, so the course fee can only be determined once the venue and number of students have been finalized)

Certificate courses:

Wines & Spirits (40 lectures) €895
Wine Regions (40 lectures) €895

Diploma courses:

Consultant in Wines & Spirits (60 lectures) €1350

Associate Degree courses:

Wines & Spirits (120 lectures) €2530

Sommeliership & Hospitality Management: (No prior wine knowledge required)

Sommelier Foundation (face-to-face, so the course fee can only be determined once the venue and number of students have been finalized)

  • Certificate Courses:
    Certified Sommelier (40 lectures) €895

    Yacht Sommelier (40 lectures) €895
    Sommeliership & Hospitality Management (40 lectures) €895
  • Associate Degree courses:
    Master Sommelier & Consultant (100 lectures) €2240

Wine Business Management & Marketing:

(No prior wine knowledge required)

  • Certificate Courses:
    Wine Essentials, Business & Marketing (40 lectures) €895

    Wine Tourism (40 lectures) €895 
  • Diploma courses:

    Wine Marketing & Tourism (60 lectures)
    Essentials Wine Business & Marketing
    (80 lectures) €1800
  • Associate Degree courses:
    Wine Essentials, Business & Marketing (120 lectures) €2530

(Prior wine knowledge IS a requirement)

  • Diploma
    Wine Business & Marketing 
    (60 lectures) €1350
  • Associate Degree
    Wine Business & Marketing 
    (90 lectures) €2250 

Viticulture, Oenology & Wine Production

(No prior wine qualification/knowledge required)

  • Basic courses: 
    Essentials of Wine, Viticulture and Wine Production(25 lectures) €575 
  • Certificate Courses: 
    Essentials, Viticulture & Wine Production (40 lectures) €895
    Essentials, Viticulture, Wine Production & Business(40 lectures) €895 
  • Associate Degree courses
    Essentials, Viticulture & Wine Production (120 lectures) €2530

    Essentials, Viticulture, Wine Production, Wine Marketing & Business (150 lectures) €3250

(Prior wine qualification/knowledge IS a requirement)

  • Basic courses: 
    Essentials of Wine Production(20 lectures) €450 
  • Certificate courses 
    Viticulture & Wine Production(40 lectures) €895
    Wine Production (40 lectures) €895 
  • Diploma courses 
    Viticulture, Wine Production, Marketing& Business Management (60 lectures) €1350 
  • Associate Degree courses 
    Viticulture & Wine Production (90 lectures) €2250
    Wine Production (80 lectures) €2100)
    Viticulture, Wine Production & Business (120 lectures) €2530