11 June 2018

We have added two more courses to our curriculum. The first one: the ‘Diploma in Wine Marketing & Tourism (60 lectures) €1150,00 covers topics of wine marketing and wine tourism in a slightly longer format, 60 lectures. The second new course: ‘Diploma in Viticulture, Wine Production and Marketing‘ (50 lectures) €995.00 provides students who already have a basic knowledge of wine the opportunity to combine studies into viticulture, wine production with wine marketing.


December 2017

Quite a few students have asked us to offer an Advanced course on general topics, in other words, that cover all of the wine disciplines, from wine tasting to wine marketing. We have therefore instituted a new course doing just that:

Diploma in Wines (60 lectures) €1200.00
prior wine knowledge required)


Students wishing to register for it need not have any wine knowledge or experience.


25 January 2017

Austrian (Burgenland) Master Class in Antwerp

Attended by some of the EWA lecturers.

September 2016 – New website

We have re-designed our website and updated the text.

9 November 2015 – Credit Card payment

At the request of some students who have difficulties to arrange for a bank transfer (the normal manner in which students usually pay our fees) in their particular country, we have decided to trial a credit card payment system, at least for a few months. See ‘Course Fees’ and ‘Course Payments’.

6 December 2014 – Extending courses

We have been updating not only the e-platform, but also some of the courses to expand the range of topics. This is achieved by combining some lectures and removing the odd one that is no longer that relevant to that course. For instance, we have kept all the topics covered in the various Wine Tasting & Evaluation lectures, but instead of needing 5 lectures to do so we can do it in three- which will allow us to include two new topics.

New website layout – November 2014

Following a number of weeks of re-design and updating the site’s software, we are able to present our new website (still a few niggling errors, so if you come across any please let us know!).

January 2014- Introduction of new, short course

The Introduction to Wine Certificate (10 lectures – €225)

Over the years we have found that some people, usually those with limited time, are interested in a more condensed introduction to the major topics on wine (our 20 lecture course: “The Essentials of Wine” covers similar topics, but in more details obviously) . This course has therefore been designed to offer a serious, but condensed introduction into wine, a long, lingering taste of wine, so to speak.

Arrangements for EWA students to assist in the 2013 harvest in the Mosel- August 2013

We have arranged with a small winery in the Mosel to allow 1 or 2 of our students to come and help with their harvest. Unfortunately, the start of the harvest depends on the weather stefano lubiana.1.jpg5but it is likely to be late Sep or in October.

I have just been to this winery and they produce not only white wines but also reds and spirits. It will be hard work and the owner does not speak fluent English but it will be an excellent experience.

You have to get yourself to the Mosel but they will provide accommodation and food and there is a possibility of a small daily remuneration too, but that should not be the main consideration.

I am waiting for more details but there is only place for 1 or 2 students, so it is going to be first come first served.

EWA Student to participate in Sommelier Wold Championship -Tokyo

janis-kalkisOne of our students: Janis Kalkis from Latvia, who is doing our “Associate Degree International Master Sommelier & Consultant” will be participating in the 14th Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, effectively the World Championships in Tokyo, starting 27th March 2013.

The tests for the 58 contestants start on the 27th March and on the 29th only the 3 best candidates will fight for the world title at the Tokyo International Forum.

The name of the 14th Best Sommelier of the World will be announced on March 29th in the evening.


23 June 2012 – Battle of Waterloo Ball

On 15 June 1815 the Duchess of Richmond organized a ball in Brussels for the officers of Wellington’s army and distinguished guests. This ball was part of Wellington’s psychological warfare which had always involved ‘pleasure as usual’. During the ball a message arrived from the Prussian commander Prince Blucher warning of Napoleon’s approach. Officers slipped away quietly from the ball to join their troops in Quatre Bras on 16 June and the Battle of Waterloo two days later.

After 200 years the Ball has been revived to help charities supporting British and other citizens in Belgium. EWA was also asked to sponsor this charitable event and, to announce our new face to face courses in Brussels, we arranged for a fun blind tasting of 6 spirits, representing six of the countries participating in the Battle of Waterloo.

March 2012 China

Our Principal spent some time in China meeting with interested parties, in order to establish the EWA wine academy in China. In the pictures we see him meeting with Mr E Wu of Yunan Hong, and also conducting a wine tasting in Beijing.stefano lubiana.6.jpg3.jpg1

At this intense, 3 to 4 week face to face course persons who wish to become standard-level wine teachers will be trained. The course will have guided wine tastings every day, as well as practical work in the vineyard and winery, as part of the course.

EWA’s first wine course in Beijing

In March 2012 we held our first wine tasting course in Beijing. The intention is to start offering wine courses in Beijing, and later in the other major centres. Such courses will be aimed at persons with no, or little wine knowledge or experience, and they will be trained as sommelliers, wine stewards, wine business proffessionals, wine makers and wine marketing & business executives.

6 January 2012-Associate Degree: International Master Sommelier & Consultant

(Upgrade)row of glasses

We have decided to upgrade and expand the Diploma International Sommelier & Consultant course to an Associate Degree level as it is becoming quite popular but students have asked for a bigger emphasis on the wine business and marketing aspects. We have agreed with this but the other core modules: the Essentials, the Wine Regions and the
Sommelier and Hospitality management remain vital; and so we decided to expand the course from 60 lectures to 72, with more wine marketing & business lectures, so making it eligible to become an Associate Degree.

9 September 2011- Viticulture Master Class with Dr Richard Smart

dr-smart-in-vineyard-webDerek Koch and Herman Troch attended the Master Class held by Dr Smart. Dr Smart is highly regarded internationally and best known for his book “Sunlight into wine”. Dr Smart is a leading authority on “canopy management in the vineyard” and was therefore the ideal person to explain the impact of climate change and trellis systems on the vine and on wine quality. Among some of the interesting points made by him were: reducing production does not necessarily lead to an increase in grape quality and that, taking costs of retro-fitting etc into account, it would probably be best for cool climate producers to convert to Single Curtain trellis systems with the bunches towards the upper section of the plant and not at the bottom, thus improving sunlight exposure, wind exposure (reducing diseases) and making manual harvesting easier.

November 2010- Pedro Ballesteros becomes MW

Our congratualtions go to our friend and tutor Pedro Ballesteros MW, who became one of few Masters of Wine!

Pedro studied and became an Agronomical (Food Industry) Engineer at Universidad Politécnica Madrid. He then did the Master Degree in Viticulture and Oenology in Spain, followed by the Diploma WSET and Weinakademiker having followed other oenology and viticulture studies in France, Spain and US.

August 2010

EWA has announced a new and updated range of Sommellier courses, including a Diploma in International Master Sommellier & Consultant.

23 October 2009: New Wine Production and Business course introduced
(AD Viticulture, Wine Production & Business)

It was announced this morning that the Academy has decided to introduce a new wine course, following a number of requests from potential students in this regard. Such students wish to become wine makers with a strong Wine Business and Marketing background, but at the same time, they have already followed the basics wine courses, which are covered by the Academy’s ‘Essentials’ module. This means that this new Associate Degree course resembles the Associate Degree Oenology course in that it combines viticulture and wine production with wine marketing and wine business, but it is different in that it does not have the ‘Essentials’ basic wine knowledge module, as the AD Oenology course has.It too consists of 90 lectures.

27-29 September 2009 – Wine Education Conference at Geisenheim University

Members of staff, various international wine educators, a number of MW’s as well as some MW students, attended an excellent Conference on Wine Education at Geisenheim. This was the 2nd annual conference arranged by the EAWE.

Included was a tasting of top “Grosses Gewachse” VDP wines at Kloster Eberbach followed by a visit to the new wine making facility of Steinberg winery (apparently one of the largest in Germany). The following 2 days were spent at Geisenheim University where, under the management of Prof Monica Christmann, head of Oenology & Wine Technology, various Geisenheim professors lectured us on the current state of and innovations in viticulture and oenology, plant diseases, climate change, organic viticulture, market research and marketing.All attendees were very impressed by the high standard as well as the breadth of Geisenheim’s expertise and viticultural and wine technology.

Talks on wine education were also given by Richard Bampfield MW of the UK and Harriet Lambeck (New York) of SWE and a tasting of Noble Sweet wines guided by Dr J Schuller MW.vollrads

A wonderful dinner and vineyard tour was arranged by Dr Rowald Hepp of Schloss Vollrads who also presented some of their exquisite white wines.

6 January 2009 -No fee increases!

EWA has decided, in view of the international economic situation, not to increase its fees (the once-off registration costs have been increased slightly) keeping them at 2006 levels!

8 November 2008 – Weinakademiker

Our Principal Derek Koch and tutor: Pedro Ballesteros, are awarded the Weinakademiker diplomas, a higher diploma following upon WSET’s Diploma, and offered and managed by Dr J Schuller MW (currently the Chairman of the Institute of Masters of Wine) of the Austrian Wine school, in conjunction with Germany’s famous Geisenheim Research ddk-with-Frank-Smulders-Lynne-Sheriff.web2Institute. In the images we see them in discussion with Prof Dr Schaller of Geisenheim, and at dinner with Frank Smulders MW and Lynne Sheriff MW, as arranged by the Weinakademiker Association, an international association of persons who have been awarded the Weinakademiker title.

Originally this was only awarded to German-speaking persons but at the ceremony this year at Schloss Vollrads, the title was also awarded to persons from Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, see: www.weinakademiker.at/wein_home.php

15 July 2008 Skype

Using our one-on-one interactive Skype + webcam guided winetasting training sessions, students can now see and hear from their tutor, in real time, how to taste wine properly!

18 December – Visit to China

Our Principal addresses a group of Chinese winemakers and wine professionals, visits one of the top Estates, and he gives a televised interview on Chinese TV, during a recent visit by EWA’s delegation to the main winegrowing region of China. This visit was part of EWA’s China Project.

6 December- The University of Padua,

(Centro Interdipartimentale per la Ricerca in Viticoltura e l’Enologia- viticulture & oenology) in Italy confirm, via the Dean, Prof Boatto, that in principle they wish to participate in EWA’s project.boatto-web

This is one of the world’s oldest universities and their campus and research facilities at Conegliano are of a very high scientific standard, producing leading research in viticulture and oenology. They also provide outstanding wine courses and produce highly skilled viticulture and oenology students. We see pictures of the Principal’s recent visit to their campus.

November 2007-Megavino

Staff members attend this annual prestigious wine fair in Brussels.

August 2007- ‘The Healing Power of Champagne’

by Dr Tran Ky and Dr F. Drouard

We have included parts out of this recent book into our lectures. Written by two French doctors of some repute, this book focuses on a facet of the beverage usually ignored but well explored in its home country, its medicinal virtues,( when consumed in moderation, needless to say). This is an aspect of wine which extends well beyond the French paradox.

Champagne, ‘the beverage divine’, has probably been France’s best ‘ambassadeur extraordinaire’. Elevated to the status of a myth and extravagantly celebrated in print, on canvas, film and through song and dance, it remains a quintessential pillar of French culture.

Is it the bubbles? The visible and audible proof of Baudelaire’s ‘soul of wine singing the song of light and brotherhood’ and sparkling in enchanted crystalline flutes? Or is it just another facet of the French paradox? This book reviews one of the longest and exhaustive clinical trials ever undertaken on this most beneficial medicine created by man: wine and in particular, champagne. This ecumenical beverage has, over the ages, been revered for its great curative properties, which have the capacity to heal and soothe minor ailments, or which will, at the very least, keep body and soul together.

For, besides its many beneficial trace elements and complex molecules, it contains the ultimate salutary active ingredient: ‘joie de vivre.’ To attain the exquisite heights of healing by means of the ‘drink divine’, ‘joie de vivre’ itself must be redefined against the Romanesque pursuit of pleasure in excess.

Contrary to Mark Twain’s assertion that ‘too much champagne is just right’, its medicinal effects express themselves not through guzzling countless bottles of the nectar, but through epicurean finesse and moderation, ‘the silken string which runs through the pearl of virtues.’



May 2007 –LIWF

Students and staff members attend the annual London International Wine Fair, at which students have to taste wines of a specific wine region selected by then, for the Essay which they have to prepare, based on their visit to the London Wine Fair.

19 March 2007 – Prowein

An interesting selection of wines were tasted by staff members.

17 March 2007- PN Conference

An international Pinot Noir conference held in Bruges at which Professor Worms, of Germany, discussed the Health aspects of wine. The conference also discussed the new culinary styles developed in Barcelona, in which foam plays a major role, and after the conference attendees, which included some staff members, were fortunate enough to also see some top chefs at work, and were able to sample some of these new culinary dishes. Two of the attendees were Jancis Robinson MW and Fiona Morrison MW.