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This quiz will tell you what your level of wine knowledge really is.

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Quality designations such as V.S.O.P. and Napoleon are frequently used, and have no real legal standing

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Syrah is the same grape variety as Shiraz; the name varies based on the wine's country of origin.

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“Terroir” is a term to describe a French wine region’s climate.

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Pedro Ximenez is a town in Spain producing Fino.

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“Super Tuscans” can also contain non-Italian varietals.

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To properly preserve the bubbles in Champagne, it's best to pour it quickly into a full flute glass.

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When pouring wine at a formal dinner, you should start with the guest of honor and proceed clockwise around the table.

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Most red wines are recommended to be served at temperatures between 60-65°F (16-18°C).

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A "corked" wine refers to a wine that is spoiled due to a faulty cork.

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Decanting wine is primarily done to remove sediment from older wines.

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Total acidity is determined by a titration where a base (usually sodium hydroxide) is slowly added to a wine until an indicator (usu­ally phenolphthalein) changes colour or until the solution reaches a pH of 8.2.

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It is possible to reduce the alcohol levels during wine production.

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Micro-oxygenation is used to mimic the effect of wood-aging.

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Millennials can be challenging to reach from a marketing perspective.

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Perhaps one of the most popular methods for analysing all of this data is called a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Sales, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and the overriding purpose of a SWOT analysis is to develop a strategic plan to position a brand successfully.

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The first important principle regarding wine consumer research and marketing strategy is that the average wine consumer simply does not exist, nor is there just one type of consumer.

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The wine business is one of short relationships between people, and certainly these play a key role in selecting a distributor.

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In the Western world research has shown that, compared to the overall adult population, wine consumers tend to have higher incomes.

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“Veraison” refers to the period when the grape flowers.

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Malolactic fermentation is a process commonly used in white winemaking to reduce acidity.

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