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To help you decide which course to register for we provide course lecture extracts with each relevant course prior to registration, ensuring students are fully informed before commitment.

  • Registration Process:
    Registration is done by filling in the online Student Registration Form on the web site.

    Once EWA has received confirmation from their bank, from the credit card system, or one of the bank/Payment platforms such as Wise or Revolut that payment has been made, the student’s registration is finalized, and the following will happen (usually on the same day):

    • EWA sends its Invoice and Payment Receipt to the student, and
    • Sends the student the Student Information & Policies Handbook, and
    • Sends the student the Course Introduction & Syllabus, as well as the student’s username and password to enable the student to gain access to EWA’s e-learning platform, with a detailed email explaining how to open and use the platform and how to get to his/her group/class (where all the lectures etc. can be found, and where the course assignments can be uploaded).

Before registering, ensure that your chosen course aligns with your academic requirements,  read the extracts from a typical lecture, that it complies with your specific needs, and it is written in a level of English which you are comfortable with. Also read the different policies and terms and conditions because when you register you have to confirm that you have done so.

If the Form does not work just send us an email and we will get all your details afterwards.

Note that under the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive, cancellation and refund policies for digital content, such as our courses, may be subject to limitations once usage has commenced. Carefully review the terms and conditions to understand your rights and limitations.

EWA Registration Form
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