Please Note:

As we explained elsewhere it is in your own best interests to use the normal bank transfer method, as you can also include the Sommelier if you wish to purchase these items as the course fee shown below is a fixed amount and cannot include the Sommelier cost.

However, should you nevertheless prefer to pay by credit or debit card, you will find below all our courses for which you can use your credit or debit card. Remember , the total sum shown includes:

  • the course fee,
  • the registration costs,
  • the relevant module exam and ancillary invigilation costs (this will be determined by the number of modules a course has),

(Unfortunately, it is not possible to also include the sommelier costs in this total credit card payment. If the student wished to acquire these contact us and we will make a separate arrangement)

Please make sure that you use your card’s billing address when you complete the Order- if you use another address the payment will not go through.

Sommelier: There is a separate item where you can pay for the sommelier, and it includes the shipping costs.